NEIL O’BRIEN studio visit

Our upcoming exhibit will feature the art work of New Jersey native, Neil O’Brien.  He’s been steadfastly working in his studio towards this solo exhibit that will include paintings, collage work, mixed media, screen prints and signage. We’re honored to host him in the gallery this month. Here’s a look into his world.

*photos by Sara StadmillerOBrien_14OBrien_05 OBrien_20 OBrien_39 OBrien_28 OBrien_13 OBrien_26 OBrien_08 OBrien_24 OBrien_42 OBrien_48 OBrien_50 OBrien_49 OBrien_45 OBrien_44 OBrien_34 OBrien_36 OBrien_35 OBrien_06 OBrien_47 OBrien_40 OBrien_11


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