these days (continued)

It’s been a long few weeks, here in Austin. Please indulge. conner2 DSC01548 DSC01554 DSC01562 DSC01566 DSC01628 DSC01573 DSC01787 DSC01797 DSC01799 DSC01883 DSC01875 DSC01836 DSC01781 DSC01894DSC00772 DSC00768 DSC00767 DSC00748 DSC00729 DSC00709 DSC02031 DSC02016 DSC01997 DSC02078 DSC02087 DSC01828 DSC01942 DSC01821 DSC01929 DSC02048 DSC02051 DSC02054 DSC01952 DSC01986 DSC02066 DSC01993 DSC02095 DSC02107 DSC01715 DSC01687 DSC01677 DSC01639 DSC01637 DSC01763 DSC01734 DSC01749 DSC01766 DSC00858 DSC00857 DSC01541 DSC01892

About commonhouse

group of artists, photographers, painters, designers, printers, living and producing work in austin, texas. for more info, email:
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