Brian Maryansky; photographer, musician and all around nice guy; here’s some photos and a few questions with one of our favorites. See more on !!

Swampscott, MA. 2011. Mamiya 7II-Tell me a little bit about your past in photography and how it took you to where you are now.

Well, I guess I started getting into photography in high school. Either myself or my brother would end up taking our dad’s old Minolta XG-7 out skateboarding or to shows. We had a pretty cool photo teacher in our school so we got to spend a good deal of time in the darkroom. At some point I decided to try to go to school for photography and got accepted into The School of Visual Arts in NYC. At that point I was playing in a few bands and school just started to take a backseat to music. Fortunately I was able to go on tour quite a bit and photograph all those experiences. I eventually finished at SVA but it certainly took a bit longer than expected. I was usually photographing everyday just things and people I saw in NYC just always wanted to have my camera with me. Pretty much shooting Tri-X in my Leica M3 recording my experiences. I Moved to Austin, TX. in 2005 and kind of hit a creative lull. I guess adjusting to a new place was freaking me out. Eventually I sort of found my way out that by starting to primarily shoot color and shoot medium format. It was like I was getting into making pictures all over again. Once I found the right people in Austin I felt a lot more creative. We’d take day trips and weekend trips, hang out in backyards, go to shows, night swim…all good stuff to keep motivated! Then in 2011 I moved back east to Massachusetts. I had no job, so basically I’d go out everyday and explore the towns around me and make pictures. Around that time I met fellow photographer Larry Mills. After we figured out we were into photographing similar subjects we proceeded to go out and shoot a ton together. It was a good to have someone to show stuff to and compare and contrast what we’d be getting and how we got it. Most recently things have been somewhat quiet. Shooting a little less but trying to catch up on the ever mounting backlog of negatives to scan. Once we get out the deep freeze I intend to be hitting the streets pretty full on!!Marfa, TX. 2005. Leica M3 Blake Schwarzenbach. 2002. Leica M3

-When you go on trips, what cameras are a must for you to take?

Mamiya 7II. Leica M3. Yashica T4.

Lynn, MA. 2011. Mamiya 7IITrumpets, NYC. 1996. Nikon F3-Tell me a few things about your recent body of work.

I’d say it’s just about exploring new territory literally. Just looking around seeing what’s out there in this part of the world. Documenting my new and somewhat unfamiliar surroundings.

-What influences your work?

Other artists working and creating influences me most I think. Looking at paintings…listening to records..looking at photographs. Just seeing what else is going on.Peabody, MA. 2012. Mamiya 7II Natalie. 2013. Nikon D700

-Your photography is very organic, is there a certain emotion or feeling you try to capture in your photography?

Hmmm. Recently, I like to try to convey space and spacial relationships within the picture. Solitude in chaos.Ted Leo Europe 1997. Yashica tlr Rye, NH. 2012. Mamiya 7II

-What drew you to photography?/How did you get started?

My brother was into art and drawing in high school so I think that led me in the same direction.Hampton Beach, NH. 2012. Mamaiya 7II Charles Maggio. Ohio. 1997. Leica M3 Marfa, TX. 2010. Mamiya 7II-Any upcoming projects/shows?

I am curating a show at Mingo Gallery, Beverly, MA. which opens in June. It will have some of my favorite and most inspiring photographers in it including Sandy Carson, Chrissy Piper, Larry Mills and Autumn Spadaro.
I’ve loosely been putting together a zine of portraits for a while now. I’m hoping to make that happen within the next few months.
Lastly, my old band, The Van Pelt is putting out a new record. Recorded in 1997 it was to be our third record. It will now see the light of day April 19, 2014. It’s called “Imaginary Third”.Sean and Georgia. Northampton, MA. 2012. Fuji X-Pro 1 Joshua Wildman. NYC. 1996. Yashica tlr

-Who are your favorite photographers?

Many of the usual I suppose: Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, Robert Adams, Stephen Shore and William Klein to name a few.

I’m amazed and inspired by the work of all my friends who make art. I can’t believe how many talented people I’m lucky enough to know!!!!!
ThanksGloucester, MA. 2012. Mamiya 7II



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