Common House X Yellow Jacket Social Club

The Yellow Jacket Social Club in East Austin has graciously hosted Common House Artist  Local 78751 for this years East Austin Studio Tour. We could not have been happier with the reaction and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all our amazing friends. 16 Artists were asked to design a plank of wood to be installed into the center of each picnic table at Yellow Jacket Social Club in addition Alanna “Gorgi” Loosen & Darin  Hoopes spent a day transforming the mens and womens restroom with amazing murals, Annick Masseteau strung some amazing flower garland and a beautiful altar. Last but not least the four of us that make up Common House have work showing inside of Yellow Jacket.  Special thanks to Adam Young, Mason Mcfee, Andy Rihn & Kevin Trahan for help installing planks. Artist Planks by: Dion Dill, Alex Bond, Shannon LeBeouf, Shawn Rylander, Adam Young, Aaron Michalovic, Mason McFee, David Lujan, Alanna “Gorgi” Loosen, Autumn Spadaro, Will Gaynor, Conner O’Leary, & Rich Cali

AKS_9046 AKS_9047 AKS_9048 AKS_9052 AKS_9053 AKS_9067 AKS_9072 AKS_9073 AKS_9076 AKS_9081 AKS_9082 AKS_9085 AKS_9087 AKS_9090 AKS_9091 AKS_9095 AKS_9098 AKS_9100 AKS_9101 AKS_9103 AKS_9105 AKS_9107 AKS_9110 AKS_9112 AKS_9116 AKS_9119 AKS_9127 AKS_9130 AKS_9136 AKS_9137


About commonhouse

group of artists, photographers, painters, designers, printers, living and producing work in austin, texas. for more info, email:
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