SAVED (recap)

Common House presents SAVED, a group art exhibit exploring the artistic interpretation of salvation, featuring new artwork by over a dozen Austin artists. Thanks to all that participated. Show runs through August 17th.IMG_8496 IMG_8499 IMG_8495 IMG_8518 IMG_8517Alanna LoosenIMG_8384 IMG_8454 Jaie DevoreIMG_8451 Adam YoungIMG_8448 IMG_8449 William GaynorIMG_8444 IMG_8445 Josh HouseIMG_8439 IMG_8442 William GaynorIMG_8435 Alanna LoosenIMG_8528 IMG_8385William Gaynor/Adam Young collaboration
IMG_8461 IMG_8464 IMG_8463 Dion DillIMG_8422 IMG_8420 Rich CaliIMG_8419 IMG_8418 Autumn SpadaroIMG_8414IMG_8408 IMG_8404 Josh HouseIMG_8401 IMG_8402 Conner OlearyIMG_8399 IMG_8400Denton Watts with his linocutsIMG_8573 IMG_8482 Jessica DouglasIMG_8489 Heather SundquistIMG_8486 Josh HouseIMG_8483 IMG_8485 Mike CombsIMG_8472 IMG_8379 Conner OlearyIMG_8468 Painting by Mike ParsonsIMG_8599IMG_8524 IMG_8457Chrissy P. brought by some of her newest dressesIMG_8560 IMG_8568 Missy METAXA provided the spirits!IMG_8576 IMG_8535 IMG_8579 IMG_8590IMG_8625 IMG_8629 IMG_8633 IMG_8623 IMG_8606 IMG_8639 IMG_8513


About commonhouse

group of artists, photographers, painters, designers, printers, living and producing work in austin, texas. for more info, email:
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