Denton Watts

Here’s one of Austin’s own, Denton Watts. With his eye for layout and simple, strong imagery, his lino-cuts are filled with  mysticism, folklore, religious icons and tradition. We’re really digging his most recent series…have a look. (instagram @dentondraws)

“Every once and a while life will present me with good ideas for designs (I much prefer it that way) but lately it seems as if I’m sitting down and just doodling until something comes to me. I work digitally in photoshop with black/white and noodle with a design until I can flip it horizontally and it gives me a good feeling. After I’ve got 6 designs I’ll lay them out digitally to make one of my 16×20 sheets. The layout is then transferred to a linoleum block and carved/printed. I’m currently working on a series of hand-burnished linocut prints. The larger sheets are 16×20 and the Rock of Ages design is 8×10. They’re all on Kitakata paper. I’m hoping to make as many as I can before the end of the summer (when I graduate from Texas State with a degree in drawing).” -Denton Watts.
Dentonwatts-sheet4 Dentonwatts-sheet1 Dentonwatts-sheet2 Dentonwatts-sheet5 Dentonwatts-rockofages Dentonwatts-sheet3


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