HUNG OVER & OVER (recap)

Hung Over & Over… new works by Darin Hoopes and Shawn Rylander. Thanks to all who came out to the opening this past saturday evening.

AKS_2627AKS_2597wood burn, darin hoopesAKS_2592 shawn rylander
AKS_2585AKS_2638AKS_2906 AKS_2624darin hoopestiiiiiight crosshatching by shawn rylanderAKS_2595 shawn rylanderAKS_2606 darin hoopesAKS_2544AKS_2601 AKS_2594 AKS_2584AKS_2588SHAWN!AKS_2560Catfish!
AKS_2563AKS_2612 AKS_2688 AKS_2773 AKS_2762 AKS_2707
AKS_2731 AKS_2673 AKS_2747 AKS_2798AKS_2680 AKS_2769AKS_2715 AKS_2871 AKS_2752 AKS_2757 AKS_2801 AKS_2899 AKS_2891AKS_2806 AKS_2838 AKS_2789 AKS_2883 AKS_2892 AKS_2771AKS_2895 AKS_2857 AKS_2808 AKS_2733 AKS_2653 AKS_2664AKS_2652 AKS_2640all photos by Autumn Spadaro.

About commonhouse

group of artists, photographers, painters, designers, printers, living and producing work in austin, texas. for more info, email:
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