MODERN ART IN BANGKOK PART 1: The Bangkok Triennial International Print and Drawing Exhibition

So, I am back from an all too short three week trip through Thailand. My journey took me to the cities Bangkok, Lopburi, Chiang Mai, the island Kho Samui and then back to Bangkok. I saw, I ate, I partied, I walked (and got lost more than once). It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be going back. I took in quite a bit of culture, and history throughout my adventure but some of the coolest things I saw were at several modern art exhibits at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

The Bangkok Triennial International Print and Drawing Exhibition was my favorite for obvious reasons. The initial entries featured 1146 artists from 60 countries. (Final selections totaled 216 pieces). I was stoked to see so much awesome contemporary art from all over the world. None of the framed pieces used glare-proof glass so sorry about the quality of some of these photos. The first four pics are from a separate exhibit that was in front of the the BACC.

I’ll be sharing more art from the other BACC exhibitions in future posts. Enjoy.

To see my post and pics of Bangkok go here.


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