Austin’s own, Shaun Mefford, ladies and gentlemen…here are the photos behind the smile, good hair and manners that is Mr. Mefford.
“Photography became an interest of mine back in 1987, when I was an all state ultimate frisbee player. A newspaper photographer took a picture of me for the town paper, which came out pretty crummy. Disgruntled and embarrassed, I called the guy up and told him the mistakes he made. His timing was off, he cropped out important features of myself and the field, and I looked like I was performing a gymnast move of some sorts.
 I borrowed my dad’s 35mm and took to the field, determined to show this guy the true beauty in ultimate frisbee. Full extensions of the arm just before the disc is released, peaks of players jumping to make a catch, celebration and comrodery among friends  … We met at his office and discussed our photographs.
 The editor stopped by his desk and was impressed by my work. He offered me an internship shooting local sports.  I actually declined because the following year, WHAM-O (the top frisbee maker at the time) was to turn me pro.
 I ended up tearing my ACL and never turned pro. Instead, in 1989-1990, I chose an expensive hobby which would put me into some debt.  I bought expensive cameras, flashes, and spent lots of time in the sun taking pictures of kids doing radical ultimate frisbee moves. “
for more photos and fun, check out Shaun’s LUNCHBOX PARTY!!!
cody hodge. blunt.
nate lacoste. tuck knee
kyle stone. back 5-0.brandon ziskind. switch wallride fakie ollie out.
daniel stone. heelflip.
richie bowes. nollie big spin.max taylor. backside flip.


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