I haven’t posted in a while because I was gone for the month of April traveling through Northern India and Thailand. These are some pieces of art that I picked up in various cities and villages in India. It is fascinating to me how artistically meticulous the culture is over there, yet equally careless in other aspects of life such as city planning and waste management.

In such a colorful and vibrant country like India, where art can literally run you over, it’s impossible not to be floored by inspiration. Every truck, taxi, rickshaw, tuk-tuk, elephant and bicycle is completely unique, covered in hand painted designs and text. From symbols of peace and religion to road-weary warnings written in the most beautiful fonts, it’s quite the contrast to American idealism.

I would like to take a moment to thank the Art Matters Foundation for providing me with the opportunity to go anywhere in the world and especially Laurence Miller for seeing something unique in my artwork. My goal for the trip, besides bringing back a bottle of Cobra wine, was to return with enough ideas for a new body of work. That is the least I could have allowed for; the people I met, the wonderful and horrible sights and smells, and the empowering sense of solitude in a country of one billion are truly life changing experiences.

The over 350 digital photos which I am in the process of uploading, orientating, and titling will hopefully be online this week. I will share those on the web along with the five rolls of film I have to get processed as well. Stay tuned.


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