this past friday, Common House had our BAND OF LONERS opening. An exhibition by Ryan Rhodes, Kevin Trahan, Aaron Michalovic, Renee Fernandez, Alexandra Valenti, Andy Rihm, Ana Klausmann, and Common House.

Everybody loves the finished product, but the process is just as important. Aaron Michalovic and Kevin Trahan and they’re ambitious structure installation.

Window wall is up!
televsion fireplace. duh…Dusk welding.
night fall.
Day two, bamboo.
the roof goes up!creative use of a shovel.
Ryan came by strapped with an etching machine.Caleb EverittWood spoons by Aaron Michalovic. Etched flasks by Ryan Rhodes.Mason McFeeRenee Fernandez & Ryan RhodesAlexandra Valenti Ana Klausman
various artsits. quilt made by Renee Fernandez
Renee FernandezJesse HartmanKevin TrahanAutumn Spadaro, photos printed on canvas.William GaynorConner O’learyScreen printed bandanas by Kevin Trahan and Rich CaliRich CaliAndy Rihm. Backyard outhouse installation.Meff! thanks to everybody that came out, and participated!

continued reading, here at vice!


About commonhouse

group of artists, photographers, painters, designers, printers, living and producing work in austin, texas. for more info, email:
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