Last night Common House hosted its first group showcase featuring works by founding members Rich Cali, Autumn Spadaro, William Gaynor, Adam Mendez, Conner O’ Leary, Mike Combs and Pat Lillard. An eclectic variety of art, local booze, and a great turn-out made for another fun night at the gallery.

All Photos by Ben Skeen

Father and sonParty chinRich Cali’s workConner O’Leary’s paintingsPrints by Adam MendezAdam Mendez’s screen printed wood panelsWilliam Gaynor, This Year’s Tin Man, graphite on paperWilliam Gaynor, Born The Day You Die I, graphite on paperRich CaliAutumn Spadaro’s photo wall

Split frame poloroids by Autumn SpadaroMike Combs‘ workEveryone else in the show wrote their names in pencil beside their work, leave it to Master Combs to make us all look lazyKevin Trahan and Don CheadleScreen printing station in Common HouseWill Gaynor and Conner O’ Leary’s painting studioShaun Mefford and his lady, ClaireeeeeeeeeJack, Shaun and BrittneyWill Gaynor

J-Lo and Chris

About commonhouse

group of artists, photographers, painters, designers, printers, living and producing work in austin, texas. for more info, email:
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